English to Indonesian Meaning :: dally

English to Indonesian Meaning
bermain, menghabiskan waktu, mainan, jari, bersenda gurau, berjalan-jalan
menghabiskan waktu, gambar yg tak berarti, membuang waktu, berlengah-lengah

Dally    :menghabiskan waktu


Dally - menghabiskan waktu

Dallies :: dallies

Dallying :: buang waktu


Related Words

1. dilly-dally :: berlengah-lengah


1. dawdle :: membuang waktu

2. trifle :: Agak

3. coquet :: mempermainkan

4. play :: bermain


1. barrel :: barel

2. bolt :: baut

3. career :: karier

4. course :: kuliah

5. dash :: berlari

6. fly :: terbang

7. hasten :: mempercepat

8. hurry :: buru-buru

9. race :: ras

10. rip :: meninggal dunia

11. rocket :: roket

12. run :: menjalankan

13. rush :: buru-buru

14. scoot :: berlari cepat

15. scud :: gerakan cepat

16. scurry :: bergegas

Different forms

dallies, dally, dallying

English to Indonesian Dictionary: dally
Meaning and definitions of dally, translation in Indonesian language for dally with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of dally in Indonesian and in English language.

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What dally means in Indonesian, dally meaning in Indonesian, dally definition, examples and pronunciation of dally in Indonesian language.

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