English to Indonesian Meaning of rise - naik

Rise :

munculnya, naik, pemberontakan, kemunculan, ketinggian, musim semi, meningkat, kenaikan, menaikkan, perbaikan, pendakian, kemajuan, kelahiran, produksi, pertumbuhan, emanasi, maju, Fajar, bangun, memberontak, penjagaan, pindah, burung gereja, mendaki, penampilan, kemakmuran, berkembang, pengembangan, panjat-up

timbul, tumbuh, naik, bangun, mendaki, terlepas, datang, tiba, muncul, terjadi, Majulah, bangkit, berkembang, menjadi makmur, mempertinggi, mendapatkan, mengendarai, menyerang, meningkat, menjadi keras, melahirkan, menghasilkan, sebab, menurunkan, isu, menegak, menambah, mengembangkan, bertambah terus, lulus, pergi bersama, bersama, maju kedepan, membuat, memperbaiki, muka, lebih baik, memperkaya, terburu-buru untuk, melemparkan, melompat, berpangkal, bertumbuh, mendapatkan kekuatan, menjadi kuat, menjadi akut, berasal dari, lahir, berkembang biak, memberontak, dihasilkan, pemberontakan, bertentangan, memungkiri, melihat melalui, menunjukkan

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Definitions of rise in English
Noun(1) a growth in strength or number or importance(2) the act of changing location in an upward direction(3) an upward slope or grade (as in a road(4) a movement upward(5) the amount a salary is increased(6) the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises(7) a wave that lifts the surface of the water or ground(8) (theology(9) an increase in cost(10) increase in price or value
Verb(1) move upward(2) increase in value or to a higher point(3) rise to one's feet(4) rise up(5) come to the surface(6) come into existence; take on form or shape(7) move to a better position in life or to a better job(8) go up or advance(9) become more extreme(10) get up and out of bed(11) rise in rank or status(12) become heartened or elated(13) exert oneself to meet a challenge(14) take part in a rebellion; renounce a former allegiance(15) increase in volume(16) come up, of celestial bodies
Examples of rise in English
(1) The mist started rise higher into the sky and the surroundings became clearer.(2) the wind continued to rise(3) Future generations will have to find some other way to rise up against their parents.(4) Up from Baikal's shore, mountains rise sharply for a vertical mile, towering high as the canyon rim above the Colorado River.(5) Christy stared mutely out the window as the church's steeple loomed into view over the rise of the next hill.(6) It has been a rapid rise for the former revenue official from Raheny in north Dublin.(7) Suddenly, she felt goosebumps rise on her arms and she shivered.(8) If anything its enormous decline has beaten its meteoric rise back in the halcyon days.(9) Part of me would like to believe that things like this will strike a chord within us all, making us rise up and say ÔÇÿNO, we will not have it!ÔÇÖ(10) Finally, she crested a rise and the town came into view.(11) Finally opening her eyes, she noted that, other than the shallow rise and fall of his chest, there was no movement coming from him.(12) non-supervisory staff were given a 5 per cent rise(13) How do you explain the rise of indigenous movements in Bolivia and the rest of Latin America?(14) few models have had such a meteoric rise(15) Is it a challenge to stay level headed given you've had a meteoric rise in terms of your acting career?(16) China's rise is all the more remarkable for its speed.
Related Phrases of rise
(1) rise up ::
(2) rise against ::
bangkit melawan
(3) give rise to ::
(4) rise and fall ::
naik dan turun
(5) high-rise ::
bertingkat tinggi
(6) rise above ::
naik di atas
(7) pay rise ::
kenaikan gaji
(8) on the rise ::
(9) rise again ::
bangkit kembali
1. increase ::
2. improvement ::
3. progress ::
4. slope ::
5. hike ::
6. lift ::
7. ascending ::
8. salary increase ::
kenaikan gaji
9. raise ::
10. upgrade ::
11. advance ::
12. rising ::
13. emanation ::
15. loom ::
mesin tenun
16. go up ::
17. improve ::
18. get higher ::
lebih tinggi
21. adjourn ::
22. make progress ::
memperoleh kemajuan
23. react to ::
bereaksi pada
24. come back to life ::
Hidup kembali
25. swell ::
26. rebel ::
27. originate in ::
28. brighten ::
29. slope upward ::
kemiringan ke atas
30. arise ::
31. climb up ::
32. climb ::
33. heighten ::
34. resurrect ::
menghidupkan kembali
35. rise up ::
36. prove ::
37. develop ::
38. come up ::
39. lift ::
40. ascend ::
1. contract ::
2. decrease ::
3. diminish ::
4. dwindle ::
5. lessen ::
6. recede ::
7. wane ::
Different Forms
rise, rises, rising, risings
Word Example from TV Shows

"The cold winds are rising and the dead RISE with them."

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 2

it will represent a significant rise
in your station.

it will represent a significant RISE in your station.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 7

by the rise of Fascism.

by the RISE of Fascism.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 14

- Not now.
- ...and the dead shall rise in the North.

- Not now. - ...and the dead shall RISE in the North.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 1

The rise, it should give us
some advantage.

The RISE, it should give us some advantage.

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2

English to Indonesian Dictionary: rise

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